Aiming to be as ethically and sustainably minded as possible has been at the core of Mary Wyatt since its inception. As we continue to grow and expand our categories, we are committed to working with our makers to consciously source materials with low environmental impacts. 


BCI® Cotton

We work with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), who are a global not-for-profit organisation, based in Geneva and London, that seek to make the cotton industry more sustainable. Through this platform, we utilise responsibly sourced cotton and cotton blends for use in many of our garments.


As a durable, long-lasting natural fibre that biodegrades, linen continues to be a staple in our collections for its wearability and low impact on our planet. 

Recyled Polyester

Repurposed polyester fibres eliminate the need to produce virgin polyester, a process that has negative implications on the environment, and supports a circular system for the garment and fashion industry.

Excess Fabric

Any fabric or off cuts that are left over after the manufacturing process are either recycled or donated to dead stock fabric warehouses. We also strive to use dead stock fabric in our collections where we can.

Animal Friendly

Mary Wyatt strives to use animal and cruelty-free alternatives to our current and future products:

- We only use faux fur and leather

- We don't use animal fibres in our knitwear


Our packaging has recently been revised to be made of conscious materials with considered disposal methods. We have carefully considered the materials that carry Mary Wyatt pieces from our makers to our studio and onto our customers. We ensure that the materials are easily recyclable and safe for the environment.

The packaging suppliers we work with for our mailing bags are certified to Oeko-Tex® standards and commited to upholding an ethical and environmentally-responsible business model.

Our mail bags are made of 100% recycled plastic and made in London to minimise our carbon footprint. All order forms are printed on 100% reycled paper. We only use tissue paper when wrapping fragile items, to help reduce paper waste.



Early on at Mary Wyatt, we established key relationships with all our suppliers and have been with them ever since. We enjoy visiting all our manufacturers and building lasting strong relationships with them.

We ensure our clothes and those who make them are treated with all the respect they deserve, and use garments that have undergone strict ethical certifications.

We only work with responsible factories who share our vision of sustainability and treat their workers in a fair and just manner. We carefully chose makers and producers we know and trust. We ensure the suppliers we work with meet the below criteria at minimum:

- No child labour

- No forced labour

- Safe & healthy working conditions

- A living wage for all workers