Mary Wyatt / Death & Milk: Equinox

This Autumn Solstice, we launch Equinox, a collaboration collection between Mary Wyatt and renowned British illustrator, Death & Milk.

Death & Milk, AKA Alex Sears first became known as the lead singer of British rock band, Decade and has since established himself as one of the most exciting illustrators of the moment.
London based brand Mary Wyatt are excited to join forces to bring you a 9 piece collection featuring original artwork from the esteemed artist. Taking inspiration from the Autumn Solstice, the collection is centred around the concepts of light & dark and their unique balance during the Equinox, as well as the traditional harvest period that the time of year brings.

“Equinox” will be launched at the Mary Wyatt Flagship store on Saturday the 22nd of September. Following the event, the collection will go live on the website at sunset on Sunday the 23rd of September: the exact time in which light are dark are equally balanced at this special time of year.

Join us for an exclusive first look at our in-store event and get your hands on prints and other goodies with drinks from our friends at Old Blue Last Beer.

To concide with the autumn equinox the collection launches online at sunset (19.00GMT) on Sunday September the 23rd.


Welcome to the darkness.



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