World Goth Day - Jude Bishop / Yung_Bish0p

    1. In your own words, who are you and what do you do? 

      I’m yung_bish0p or Jude, I do social media stuff, Instagram, youtube, twitch, etc.

    2. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

      That’s a hard one because I’m definitely a big mash up. Probably ironic, G0ff, baby.

    3. What do you think being goth means today?

      I think different people have different definitions, I think knowing the history is important but for me I just think if someone truly relates to the notion of finding beauty or positivity in dark things and that translates into their lifestyle and aesthetic then thats goth.

    4. Who/what are some of your influences and inspirations? 

      For me personally I get inspired by things I enjoy and then translate them into the aesthetic, big ones for me always are clowns, the 80s, Sci-fi, anime, video games, and always humour. I like to take things that are dark or serious and flip them on their head like a true clown, when you take control of something you take it’s power away. I think of goth as wearing the darkness that we all struggle with on the outside and embracing it to pain power over it.

    5. 3 instagram accounts you're loving atm
      Purely based on aesthetics I’d have to say @erotic.funeral but for personal and content inspiration it’s gotta be @pixieelocks and @alexapoletti

    6. What have you been listening to recently?
      I don’t just listen to goth music at all, I have a much wider range of things I enjoy, I’ve been loving Enter Shikaris new album and been listening to a lot of Ghost, Andy Black and Coheed and Cambria recently. They are always in my top favourites.


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